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Understanding The Different Types of Orders in Longrich:

1. First Purchase or order:

This order is represented on the form as FP. Which means First Purchase. You need to tick this when the product purchase you are doing is to create an account for someone. This being their first purchase allows them to register as a member. So the first purchase means that the form you are filling and products you are buying is to create an account. You may need the sponsor and placement details to complete a first order.

2. Retail order
This order is to activate your longrich maintenance of 30PVs for the month. This retail order activation enables you to earn leadership bonus, repeat order bonus, breakaway bonus and more. That is why you need to do your 30 pvs retail orders every month.
This retail orders comes in 2 ways:

  1. Retail Order: represented on the form as RT. Tick this order if you are buying products and the pvs are to be used for your monthly 30 pvs maintenance order. This way, you chooses your products and then tick the RT. PVS can be made in bits or at once and then pay to have it recorded as retail order. Excess is calculated as breakaway bonus which pays you from 21 – 45%.
  2. Repeat Order:
    Immediately you become a Diamond 2 in longrich, the company saves 5% of the weekly earnings you get from your business on your backoffice. Each week, it accumulates and the purpose of this money is for you to use it to do your 30pvs maintenance order for each cycle so that you dont loose your leadership and other bonuses. This is a great way to activate your 30 pvs maintenance without taking money from your pocket.

The difference between the 2 orders is that, RT is paid with physical cash whiles RP is paid with money saved in your account by the company.

That is why you shouldn’t be stagnant. At least, work your way to Diamond 2.

3. Upgrade orders:

This is an order use to increase your entry level and represented on the form as UP.

Anytime you do this order, you tell the system that you want to become the next entry level so you are working your way there.

For example:

You signed up into the business as a starter Pack member

So you made it your goal to also become VIP and enjoy the 1% share of the company as well. (Thats our goal…who dont want money)

In order to get to VIP, you need to cross the classes of entry levels first and anytime you move from one of them to another, you have upgraded.


Starter pack is 4 pvs.
Silver is 120 pvs.
Gold: 240 PVS
Platinum : 720 pvs
Vip: 1680 pvs

So you do your purchases by ticking the UP.

You already have 4. You bought some products for upgrade and the total was 200 pvs.

Your personal sales pvs increased to 204.

Looking at the pvs for each entry levels, you have passed the silver class but not yet to Gold.

You did another 36 pvs as upgrade…you become a gold member.

Your next pvs was 1000pvs

And total pvs became 1240 pvs.

You have passed the platinum status but not yet to VIP.

You got some sales and boom to 168PVS. You become a VIP. Though others are able to get to VIP with little purchases of 10, 20, 5…etc.

It can be in bits or at once.

And as you move up to VIP, anytime is there is a window open and closing, your entry levels changes.

Ranking doesn’t wait for window open and closing. Immediately your total pvs get to 720 or 1680…. you become diamond 1 and 2 respectively.

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