Stakexchain Rank and Awards

GV – Group Volume.

Stakexchain is indeed an amazing business which not only pays you daily but also pays you awards and incentives. Below are the career and rank bonuses and incentives. Put in the work and enjoy better in Stakexchain….

Accumulate 10,000GV on your lesser leg and earn;
πŸ’°$100 Cash Award
πŸ’°$200 Free Shopping Voucher
πŸ’° Luxury Wrist Watch⌚ Worth $100

Accumulate an extra 40,000 on your lesser leg and earn;
πŸ’°$300 Cash Award
πŸ’°$400 Shopping Voucher

Accumulate an extra 100,000GV on your lesser leg and earn;
πŸ’°$5,000 Car AwardπŸš—
πŸ’°$1,000 Continental Trip Award✈️ OR $2,000 Shopping Voucher

🌟🌟🌟🌟 RUBY
Accumulate an extra 450,000GV on your lesser leg and earn;
πŸ’°$15,000 Car Award🚘
πŸ’°$2,500 Intercontinental Trip AwardβœˆοΈπŸ›³οΈ OR $5,000 Shopping Voucher.

Accumulate an extra 600,000GV on your lesser leg and earn;
πŸ’°$30,000 Car Award πŸš™
πŸ’°$50,000 House Award 🏑

Accumulate an extra 1,200,000GV on your lesser leg and earn;
πŸ’°$200,000 Housing Plan Award πŸ›οΈπŸ›£οΈ

This is changing lives across the world and it’s time to grab the opportunity now if not part yet. Just WhatsApp us on +233245636752 (Heward) to get on board and in a motivated team.

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