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How To Register on Nationton Business.

How To Register At Nationton

Want to register? great!… There are 3 major steps involved in Nationton Registration

Step 1: You register

STEP 2: You verify your email address

STEP 3: You pay & upgrade


First deposit your GHC15 from your mobile money on any of Nationton mobile numbers below:

(Do it from your phone or a friends phone because you will need the transaction ID. If you do it with a mobile money agent, you won’t get the ID.)

MTN: 0248 422 839,

TIGO: 0270 176 739,

AIRTEL: 0260 938 205,

VODAFONE: 0501 052 615

NB: After that, copy your Transaction ID for pasting or copy it down.

NB: ( A code called Nationton pin will be sent to you after payment, keep it for later use down the registration)

Then Click HERE .

On the next page, click on “Register”

On the next page, scroll down to the bottom and click on register again if that option comes your way.


— Enter your full name,

— enter your username,

— enter your password,

— Repeat your password,

— Enter your email address,

— Select gender.

On the payment information where the phone number is, click on the other end to select the number you sent mobile money to.

— On the transaction id, write down your transaction id there as you see it. Don’t change anything there.

— Tick the terms & conditions checkbox,

— Enter the security code if any ,

— Click on ” Register”




  1. After you have registered, the system will send you an email containing verification link into your email account.
  2. Go to your email account and click n the verification link to activate your account.
  3. NB: If you don’t find the message in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail.
  4. Once you have clicked on the activation link , your Nationton account will be verified so you can log in.


  1. After you have verified your email address, log into your Nationton account.
  2. By Now, your account type is “Standard” meaning you have not paid yet so:
  3. — Log into your Nationton account,
  4. — Click on “Pay & Upgrade”,
  5. — Choose “Pay Online” if you want to pay via MTN or Credit Card ( this is for outsiders and not yet paid users)
  6. — Choose “Use Nationton Pin” if you have a Nationton Pin ( Here is where you will use your Nationton pin and then choose personal account if you paid 15 cedis or Business account if you paid 100 cedis.)
  7. — Choose “Buy Nationton Pin” if you are Tigo, Airtel, — Vodafone, Expresso or Glo user.
  8. — The method you choose will select “Personal Account” or “Business Account” and then make payment to upgrade your account.

Not from Ghana?

You can still Join.

  1. Click Here
  2. Click on outside Ghana to continue


If you are joining Nationton Republic from outside Ghana here is information about payments and registration: NATIONTON’S EXCHANGE RATE$1 = GHS4.5

REGISTRATION FEE PER YEAR:Personal account = $3.3

Business account = $22.2

COMMISSION PER REFERRAL You earn $2.9 your invitee subscribes for personal account

You earn $19.3 if your invitee subscribes for business account.


OPTION 1: PAY VIA SKRILL.Pay $3.3 for personal account to their skrill account.Or pay $22.2 for business account to their skrill account.

And their skrill email address is

Register after making payment After paying, write your skrill email address as your transaction ID on the Nationton registration form. In case you don’t have skrill account, Click here to create one for free.


Make payment to Nationton using Bitcoin. To pay $3.3 for personal account, click on this link.

To pay $22.2 for business account, click on this link

Register after making payment After paying, write the email address as transaction ID on the Nationton registration form.

The email address is what you entered while making the payment. YOUR EARNINGS AND CURRENCY:You will make payment to them in dollars ($)

They shall make payment to you in dollars ($)

However, your earnings from referrals will be recorded in currency, Ghanaian Cedis (GHS) Once you have upgraded your account, you can start using the site and all it’s benefits. It’s simple and easy. Get started by clicking here Now.

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