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How To Get More Referrals For Your Online Business/Network Marketing

Glad you are here on my page and in this article, you are going to learn the different ways you can start getting leads or referrals for any of your online businesses. Everyone wished they are in an online business which makes them money meanwhile, many think it is create and forget business. Profit from my page that, it is not. Whether you are into a referral program, affiliate program, CPC , Network Marketing or whatever? Unless you are into investment businesses where referring is not a big deal. You make extra income for bringing others on board. Without them, you still make money. Others are the Revenue Sharing businesses, cryptocurrency investments, stocks and more.
In a network marketing where you find it difficult to get referrals is a headache. Imagine in the business for months and wasting time, internet data and money but to no avail. Without leads, some even leave the business like that and try something else in order to fix into the blogosphere.

I know peoples who are out of the blogging world, their network marketing making nothing out of it simply because they don’t know what to do and how to refer leads for their business whiles their counterparts are making 1000’s of dollars. If you are in this situation, remember I was like you some months ago. With try and error until I am able to come out with my own ways of generating leads for my networks. Others may have some options far different than mine but all the same, it is your turn to try any of the options to get ways that can keep flowing leads and referrals to you. You are free to try my options below and if you need more help, don’t hesitate to let me know.
There are many ways you can get your link out there and start making referrals within the day if you know how to turn your ads around and present your business to them. The downfall of many peoples lies in the presentation of their business to the world. Now, get serious and lets dive into the different ways you can get the referrals.

1. Social Media’s – The best lead source.
It’s not a shock that social media is the best lead or referral source for your network or online business. If you ignore the power of social media in your business, you will need to pass through trials to reach your destination. The reason behind is that, you get close to peoples interested in your business right in front of you there. Through the different channels available, you can easily make yourself an expert and get peoples on board. Moreover, peoples are even ready to share, like and comment on your ad which is pure marketing on their side. It is easy to buzz an ad on your social media especially whatsapp and Facebook. Therefore, if you are not promoting your business on social media, get there and start. The ways you can start with are:

• Spot out other networkers and chat with them (Present Your business to them):
The amazing fact about networks is that, if you are able to get good network leaders with members as a wall front under you, it is totally clear that you are going to build a strong team. This is because, if you refer a leader, he or she will come with all or most of his members. Secondly, he knows more about the business, how to train his members and more.
Leaders create leaders and you will see that, you will only be available to help your team in the training purpose. You will build a strong team and makes you a top earner. So in each group, spot out other networkers and befriend them. Chat with them and try to make them part of your team. When you succeed in getting them in , you will see the high speed at which your downlines will be growing.

• Groups: Join many groups and start posting your ads in those groups. Be an expert and offer related comments on others post. If possible, related to your business. In other words, use your business link as a signature in those comments. This will send more traffic to the business page and generates referrals for you.

• Social timeline: Your main timeline can also advertise your businesses. This makes your friends knows that you are into that business and turns to ask for more information. The more you do your best in helping them understand your business, the more likely they will join.

• Your own business pages and groups: Having your own business pages and groups gives you more opportunity to pin some important messages which is visible to all members. This can be clear overview of your business and more with the link back to your business page. Any new member who joins your groups and pages would first love to know more about what the group offers and that will lead them to your business website. You can profit from the Facebook ads or work on getting page likes and comments to boost your pages. The more active your pages are, the more your audiences will refer their friends. You should then be available for them, answer their questions and provide contents. These can be presentations, offering them ebooks about your business which contains your links, videos, audios, Powerpoint and more. The objective is to let them know what your business is about. Don’t forget to let them know the benefits involved.

Other options are:

• Free Ebooks:
Peoples like freebies so creating an ebook with a title like ‘’How to Be a Millionaire in 2 Years’’ will grab people’s attention and will start downloading this ebook. Not only with a attention grabbing title but also offer for free. The content of your ebook should relate to the title. Your explanation should let the prospect which is the person reading your ebook knows that, your business can surely make him millionaire in 2 years. Present your facts and information to convince them. You can write this ebook yourself (In case you don’t know how to write and create a quality ebook, then get this Ebook ” How To Write Your Own Ebooks In 7 Days) but for how important it is, you can outsource the work to the experts. You can outsource it to freelancers at FREELANCER for a clean outcome. You just need to always be in contact with your freelancer to let them know what you really want at a cool price. Remember, your network marketing is a business not a hobby. After the ebook is created, upload to a page and get peoples to download through a squeeze page leaving their emails to you for future communications. With those emails (email list) grabbed with emailing service like AWEBER, you can send messages to every new person who opt in after download whiles you go on vacation. This let them take their decisions through your emails messages already included in AWEBER and register into your business without needing to heat their skulls with calls.

‘’NB: Aweber is a paid service but you can grab their 14 days free trial to start your business. Not bad at all.’’

Read: Why you need AWEBER for Your Online Business (AWEBER Review)

• Create Videos About Your Business
YouTube is now the second search engine in the world for the numerous video searches done per day. This means that, if you don’t have any video about your business there, then you are losing referrals. Nowadays, if peoples don’t find the information about your business on YouTube, they tend to believe that, it is not a good business. It is therefore advisable to get a good video up there on YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube account, just create a Gmail account if you don’t have, head off to YouTube. Click on Upload and send your video. Add the description including the link to your op in page for those interested to enter their emails and claim the free ebook, title and more settings to it and then post it. Simple as that. In few days, you will see how good your results will be. Not only a growing list but also peoples willing to join your business.

As i said earlier, all is based on traffic and to get the traffic is through marketing. The Traffic Secret is an ebook which shows you the step by step ways of sending traffic to your website. Easy to understand and implement. Get hold of it here and include some options here. It will take your business far.
Have another option for us, we will be very grateful. You can contact me or send your amazing ways that makes you referrals on the comment section and will be glad to include in the list for everyone to profit.
Have a nice day and see you at the TOP!


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