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How To Receive or make online Payments – What are the Payment Gateways.

There are many ways you can receive and make payments online. As a blogger and marketer, you may be hindered in some payment processors but there are many ways you can buy and receive payments. In this short message, i will list some common ways a blogger receives income from the internet and how it is possible to also buy from the internet.

You can come across a product you wish to buy but without the knowledge in any payment gateways can make it difficult to buy. Have you requested for a service that needs to be paid?  Do you wish to buy a course or an ebook ? Do you want to buy some cheap products for sale in your store from Salehoo? Then more options are open to you.


Affiliate marketers and bloggers buys things from the internet using paypal – the most used online payment processor.  Many affiliate sites uses paypal which accepts any card even the discover of USA. Merchants pays them through the paypal mass pay especially the affiliates and marketers.


  • PerfectMoney

is the another option for most online transactions. secured and easy to receive and make payments. Work


  • Get yourself a card

either from your bank or different bank with low charges. You only need to fund it with cash for your purchases and receiving cash for your works and services. Banks like UBA and the other banks can get you a good card for your online transactions….find it difficult, see your bank.

  • By cheque

Do you know you can receive check when you have a mail box? Some sites will pay you through your mail box by sending you a cheque. You just need to send it to your bank for cash out. The perfect example is the Google. (Will tell you more about receiving passive paycheck income from Google for a simple work later in my next mail.)


  • Western Union

We don’t need to forget our big boss Western Union. They make it possible to receive your cash from the internet. The person pays you through western union for your service.  All details will be communicated to you for your withdrawal…the  same if you decide to pay someone else across the globe.


  • Mobile Money :

Most websites especially ecommerce websites makes it possible to buy goods through through their website mobile money API. You only select the product you want to your shopping cart and then cash them out through the mobile money script. You only enter your mobile number and confirm on your phone with your PIN. You are paid… Merchants in other words pays you through your mobile money when you have a valid registered number.

More of the ecurrencies include :

  • Payeer
  • Okpay
  • Solidtrustpay
  • Direct to your bank
  • Neteller
  • and many more

Do you have any other ways? how do you buy your stuffs up on the internet? how do you receive your cash online? …. tell us more about it in the comment section in order to get it added.

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