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Online Business Resources And Tools

Just like the way you plan to start your normal physical business which needs certain things done, it is the same way you may need some tools and resources for the smooth running of your online business. Though you can try running them without most of the tools but remember what i said in my create your online business section; You need to automates your SYSTEM. Using some resources and tools not only accelerates your business but also effortlessly do a work you could have finished in 4 hours within 5 minutes. Some within 30 seconds.

This means that, you need some tools from the beginning to the everyday running of your business and below are some to consider:

Domain For Your Sites

Before you start your business, your first investment should be where to locate your business in the online world and that is the domain name of your site.

Just like you can plan of building a business at a certain destination where peoples can easily locate you is the same with your domain. Before somebody can reach my website which is my business, the person should type in his search box ””

And that is my domain. If you plan to start today, the first thing to consider is the name of your business and then use it to create your domain. Today, it is easy to come across cheap domains which is valid for a full year. There are other options which even offer you free domains with domains which you can grab. In most cases, your domain should be a keyword which peoples search after and that alone can bring visitors to your site. If your niche which you want to create business around is Phone Speakers, you can create your domain as ””.

Whenever a search is done around phone speakers, you are likely to show because your site name bears those keywords.

It is therefore crucial to get your own domain. In my online business career, i have used most of the domain sites for my salespages and more. To be honest with you, you may need a domain registrar with good customer services, easy interaction, quality and fast services. That is why i prefer to recommend any of the following sites for your domain:

Domain sites

  1. Namecheap – Cheap domain names for your website.



Hosting is another resource you may need to complete your website creation. Hosting companies host your website files like videos, images, softwares, audios and more. Without them, your web content cannot show up. And if you choose a bad one, you will have a lot of issues with your website. You need quality hosting companies with good customer service and 99% uptime.

  1. HOSTGATOR – Quality and affordable web hosting for your online presence.



These are service site that helps you as much as 99% in the emailing and getting in contact with your audience. They email automatically to your list, they help you design a squeeze page to collect emails of your audience. They don’t sleep- they market for you 100%. You just need to create your squeeze page, offer something for free in exchange for the email address – videos, ebooks, courses , softwares…etc

Now that you have the email with their free gift delivered, the software will do the rest of sending them messages and product promo after you have successfully set them up in them. You sleep whiles they work for you:





Mostly used by marketers, bloggers and others. Free trial for 14 days.

Email marketing, landing pages, squeeze pages, email clicks statistics to know the percentages which opens your emails for better marketing.

Click here for your Aweber Account with free 14 days trial!




Next to Aweber, used by a lot of online networkers. Also offers Free trial!

with email marketing, webinar, landing pages and more….

Click here for your Getresponse Account with free trial!




This is also one of the best. Though they offer you the possibility to use their service for free until you have 2000 email address in your list and can also send 12 000 emails manually to them. They don’t allow you to use their automatic service until you upgrade. If you are someone who can go with the manual option, fine!





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