My Services

I know you may be eager to start an online business from scratch and what you do mostly need are resources and a good mentor to take you through. If you need a mentor, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Aside that, these are some of the services i can render to help you move forward.

  1. Create a fully approved Google Adsense for You.

Many peoples are making it big with Google Adsense- Just displaying adverts on their websites and earn money upon clicks from those websites. You will earn up to 90%b cash value from the advertisers cash and the more you take them, the more you can be making it like those making more than $1000 per month from it. Nice passive income from it. So not wasting time, hire me to get all done for you as far getting adsense is not easy especially for newbies but will make for at a reasonable price.

2. Create Websites, blogs and designs

Starting an online business starts from here- a blog or websites. I can create a beautiful website at an affordable price for you with nice hosting and domain. Everything set within some few days for you to start your online business.

3. Create an online store for you.

Do you have some products you want to sell fast and easily. Then you need online presence. Having your online store gives you much more visibility to your products. You can have a store to sell other peoples products for commission from one of your area stores.

4. Importation of Goods- Import goods from abroad at low prices and sell them.

I can help you set up an importation business right from your home with few Ghanaian cedis after knowing what exactly sells. You can start my Importation Course soon.

And More coming…………..

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