How to withdraw your Earnings in Stakexchain


In this short article, you are going to learn the various ways you can withdraw your earnings in Stakexchain. There are 5 ways you can do that, and we are going to let you know from this blog.

Stakexchain packages with their daily and monthly profits.

(1.) Direct To Your Local Bank.
Minimum Withdraw: $15
Charges: 5%

By choosing to be paid to your bank has a minimum withdrawal amount of $15 and a charge of 5%. For the mean time, it is not available in Ghana and some countries.

2.) To Your Bitcoin Wallet
Minimum Withdraw: $50
Charges: Live Market Charges (Vary)

The bitcoin option is available to all. You can withdraw your earnings to your blockchain, Coinbase or any bitcoin wallet you may have. You can sell anytime to some merchants to get physical cash. Likewise, you can keep the bitcoins and make more money when the price of bitcoins goes up.

(3.) Peer2Peer Transfer
Minimum Withdraw: $1
Charges: Nil

This option is available to all. The peer to peer option allows you to send your $$ to any member in the business and get paid from them. There is no charge and an amazing way to get paid. You can send to your members who have new peoples to sign up. Furthermore, to team leaders who want to keep some points to assist their team.

(4.) New Registration and Upgrade:
You can use your earning to upgrade or register new member and collect cash.
Charges: Nil

This option is to keep the money and use your points or dollars in your account to sign up your prospects. No charge to pay as well.

(5.) Shopping:
You can use your earning to go shopping on the StakeXchain e-commerce Platform.
Charges: Nil

Just shop and earn daily on Stakexchain

You have now learnt a lot from here. Do you think there is an option which needs to be added? Let us know to update the article for you.

If you are not yet a member of Stakexchain but want to join our motivated and vibrant team, kindly contact or WhatsApp Heward on +233245636752 to assist you how to get on board.

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