How to make money online with clickbank

make money online with clickbank

How can you make money online with Clickbank has been one of the most searches
nowadays and it is great that you are on this page.
I will tell you what works and what you shouldn’t do because it doesn’t work. But before that, let us get to know what Clickbank is.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate system website where merchants list their online-based products especially
ebooks, software, courses for affiliates to promote for them for commissions.
Commissions are higher and up to 75%. So far, the best and one of my recommendations if you want to start affiliate marketing. Other alternatives to ClickBank includes CJ, Warriorplus,
ShareASale and many more.
So let’s take for example that a merchant who sells a course on the internet or digital marketing decides to have more peoples get access to his course,
will go with ClickBank.
Sign up at a small fee with ClickBank which allows him to host unlimited products at the website and then let the millions of affiliates on the website get to his products and start promoting them.
In this case, both the merchant and affiliates win. The merchant wants customers and affiliates want to make money.
Instead of the merchant spending to get peoples to purchase from him, he gives some part of the money to someone who brings him customers and one can get as much as 75% which is very much.
If a product costs $100, you make $75 as commission if you have a 75% commission.
That is the reason why it is one of the greatest affiliate sites. Not like the others which give less in commissions of up to 10%.
If you know the best steps to follow, you can make a killing with ClickBank.

How to know the best products to promote?

This has been a big question for most newbies in this affiliate marketing world but before you promote any product,  make sure there are certain things taken into consideration.
The first thing you need to check is the gravity of the product.
The gravity shows you how the product is going on the market as it tells you how fast it is selling.
The bigger the number of gravity, the higher the competition.
And competition is a good thing which tells you that many are selling it and more customers are buying too.
This lets you decide on which strategy to sell the product too.

But my advice is for you to use most of the products you want to promote to have a feel for it.
How does it look, how good is it? That alone can let you talk more about it and also let you write quality reviews about it.
The popularity of the product count too and needs to check it. That is why it is very advisable to check most of the time, most details of the ClickBank products on the best ClickBank product engine. Get to know more details and information before setting in for their promotion.

Also choose the products according to your niche. If you are a blogger, what is your niche about?
Is it about health? what segment of the health niche are you in?
If you are into the wealth creation niche, which segment are you in? I don’t think it is good to be promoting forex trading in a mutual funds niche.
That is why you need to understand which niche you are in and which product goes directly with it.
Are you into the scar niche? look for scar products both for your blog and your list. We will talk about that.

When a particular product catches your eye, click on the promote button, and copy your affiliate link.
The affiliate link contains your details which tell the site that you are the one who referred the customer so that you get credited to your account for the sales.

Now, You have the products, how do you promote it?

There are many ways to promote affiliate products. When you have amazing products, think of a strategy. Many gurus will tell you to copy your affiliate link and spread it wherever you can which is not the best way.
When it comes to affiliate marketing, consider it as a business and put in the necessary money to start it the best way. Below are some ways you can start it without money :
1. Write quality articles on Quora.
Quora is like a question and answers site where peoples publish about any topic and have peoples answer them. Because of their wide range of topics, they appear easily on the top of the search engine. This means that, if you write an article quality enough,
you will appear in the search engine anytime peoples search for those keywords…
And the best part is that, you can link it back to your website for traffic and leads from Quora.
This is the best strategy because they will be on your site which is full of more topics related and they will like it. The aim here should be to let them subscribe to your email list.

2. Own a Facebook page and group for your blog.
Another great way to promote your blog and have many peoples looking for your content and affiliate products.
The end result should be for them to visit your site and opt into your email list.
Note that, some will purchase directly, others won’t purchase that same day. The email list will go back and bring those sales.

3. Create an app for Playstore :
It is now easy to own an app that makes it easy for your audience to get access to your site. With the huge traffic on playstore,
you can get more traffic to your site which will opt-in or buy.

4. Youtube:
I made my first commission using a Youtube video and you can too. Create a youtube channel about a specific niche.
You can narrow it well to cater to a specific audience. Then record yourself helping them solve those problems.
Not only you can activate the Youtube monetization to earn extra income, but you can add links to affiliate products to also enjoy some commissions.

5. Create free courses which demand peoples to use specific tools or services.
Use affiliate offers to earn from the peoples who are taking the course and assist them to have their goals with the course met.
They may be ready to join your
other courses anytime they are available.

I can list a long list for you but understand that, the most important in affiliate marketing is TRAFFIC.
The options above demand your time and efforts which in turn is money… Time is money. If you have the best website in the world but if no one knows of it, it is useless. So what other ways are peoples banking in thousands of dollars each day?
Use Paid ads:

1. Facebook ads
Facebook is the largest when it comes to social media. Just create an ad to circulate on Facebook.
The clicks just go to your opt-in page which then sends them to your website. Then from day 1,
start offering the list some nice information about your offer.
As you help them with quality information, you also add some products to help them with their business as well.

2. Google ads, Bing ads…etc.

3. My best option in addition to the 2 above: Check it up here.

How to get the email marketing done.

You cant be sending messages to those every day from your Gmail account.
So there are Email marketing services that do the job for you while you go on vacation or go on your other stuff.
And the best I can recommend is Getresponse. If you are looking for an email service with high deliverability,  able to have your messages sent in HTML or simple, free opt-in pages, and many more.
Quality service and support. The good news is that, you get the first Month free to use it.
So you can try it. And with what I will teach, you can be making enough commissions to cover the cost.

After your registration, set up your account and your opt-in page.
Then start writing the email sequence up to at least 14 emails with some affiliate links in some of them.
You can even check on the ClickBank product you want to promote for free email sequences provided by the merchant.
You can work on it and send them to your Getresponse.
All set, promote your email sequence. Immediately someone enters his or her email, the emails will be sent to their email address every day or according to how you set them in the Getresponse.
So whether you are there or not, anytime new email enters the Getresponse opt-in page,  the sequence starts for them. Your job will be to add more emails and affiliate offers.

So imagine you have 1000 emails and an offer makes you $25. Out of 1000, 50 bought this offer. That is 50*25 = $1250.

It is a waste of time posting links on social media and spamming peoples.
Create a good connection with these peoples, assist them, and let them know you are a real person who knows more about what you are talking about.
Building trust with emails will let them purchase from you from time to time.

Do you want other strategies on how I do promote affiliate marketing? Check it up here.

Are you into affiliate marketing, any strategy that works for you? Just let us talk about your experience in the comment section now.

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