How to Make Money on WhatsApp.

make money on whatsapp
How to make money on WhatsApp

Few days ago, I taught some students about this topic ” How to make money on WhatsApp ” in one of my zoom seminars and most were amazed at that. The issue is that, they use their WhatsApp for fun. Posting pictures and videos of themselves having fun and that doesn’t bring money to them.

Look. WhatsApp is an amazing marketing tool and I keep saying that, the day they will start WhatsApp advertising, Zuckerberg will be far richer than anyone on earth. This is because, WhatsApp is now owned by many, and it’s the major source of communication for many individuals and companies. Marketers and many partners will love that.

It is another giant of marketing platform for him. With this platform, millions are always connected. Every user always visits their WhatsApp every moment each day. That is why as an entrepreneur, you should be interested in contacts of peoples you connect with. Always take a contact when connecting with peoples, cos they could be the next customer the next day.

So as an entrepreneur, how can you make money with Whatsapp? Because it’s a medium where we interact easily with people, you can use many mediums on this platform to connect. But before that, lets talk about the different money making options you can activate.

  • Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products for commissions. For example: Let’s say you met someone selling his car. Knowing very well you have a lot of peoples in your contacts, and you have good marketing strategy, you decided to go with the promotion of the car. You meet the owner of the car and went on agreement to receive a commission if you bring someone to buy the car. This is affiliate marketing. You don’t own the product, but can sell and earn money. You can do the same for courses online and offline. Not only that, but you can sell literally everything, especially electronic products. If you have a good number of female contacts, why not use it as a medium to sell female stuffs without owning a shop? I met a lady who was using the same strategy to sell female dresses and leggings and was making good money from that. Not only she had a good number of customers but got recommendations from other customers. That’s what happens when you do honest business. You can affiliate with a store which trust you and promote their products for profits.
  • Promote your own products: Instead of doing affiliate marketing promoting other people’s products, you can create your own products, buy or import your own products for sale. My article about making $700 from Alibaba talks how to get goods at lower prices from China. With your own products, you make 100% of the profits, and that’s a good way to go. If you don’t want to keep inventory, then opt for affiliate marketing.

What can you sell?

If you want to know how to make money on WhatsApp, you should also know what to sell. At least, with the kind of peoples you connect with, you should know what to sell. If you have friends who have taste for perfumes, electronics or cars, you know what to do… If they love different things, affiliate with many merchants and post different products. It may not appeal to someone, but can touch the heart of someone else. Most of the time, the needed info is the marketing message. Always post the benefits which are what the products will do for your customers. People most of the time buys with emotions. Let them know what the product help them achieve. What the product can prevent them from…etc. You need to think outside the box.

I created a course about Adsense and did the same thing. Those I wasn’t thinking of seeing them in the course were those I saw. Never underestimate anyone. Every person can buy from you.

How to make money on WhatsApp – How to sell?

There are many mediums you can do that on WhatsApp. Like I said earlier, your copywriting must be good, and your product should be of great value. If you qualify for the products quality, think of how to send the products to your customers. Do you have a paid delivery service, is the delivery free, is it nationwide delivery, or you are targeting few meters from your house? Decide more about how to make your business stand. When done, you can use any of the mediums below to start your business.

  • Use your status: I got to a level that I was getting 200 – 300 views on everything I post. Thinking I was the best, I met someone amazing, getting 4000 – 4500 views on whatever he posts. I was like seriously! But he gets the views and was promoting his company he created to assist peoples with birth certs, car papers and many services. Truly speaking, he never stops taking contacts and I can say it is paying him. The more views you get there on your status, you will definitely be showcasing to many eyeballs, which is money. Like in marketing, we keep saying that, the money is in the list. The status is your message board and the contacts are your list. I have registered and sold many Longrich products through my status. You can do the same.
  • Groups: When I started the early stage of my network marketing career, I started with groups and up to now, groups still works. You just need to create a group and promote the group’s link to have more peoples joining. Then you can start showcasing them what you sell. If you sell courses, you can give the peoples in your group more details about your course, tell them what extra they get and more. The more your copywriting is great, the more people will join you. When selling something, make sure your group name says it. Display your products and give the benefits. Sell emotionally and you are ready to go. Though, every member in the group has the control button, either to stay or log out of the group. As admin, you can kick peoples out when spamming and posting unwanted messages.
  • Broadcast: This is the amazing service of WhatsApp I love much. The broadcast allows you to send messages to a lot of peoples at once. It’s like email marketing software which broadcast at once to over 1000 peoples at once. Instead of you to contact each person one by one, broadcast can do this job. You only need to select the contacts, type your message and send. If you selected 500 contacts in the broadcast, the message will go to all the 500 peoples separately. So you can create a broadcast and send out a message of the product with why you think they need the product to them. Make it casual all the time, without showing that you are in for their money. Peoples don’t love to be sold to, so be casual. Moreover, don’t broadcast all the time. You can broadcast every Sunday or any day. Check the time, too. In the business days, peoples are free after work and can check your messages. Though some will, but many are busy and will check later in the evening. In the weekends, it’s normally in the afternoon, especially Sunday back from church. So have those times in mind.
  • Ecommerce bot: Ecommerce bots are new in the system and many peoples don’t know about. This is actually a bot that allows you to have a store setted up on your WhatsApp, just like how WhatsApp Business is. This bot allows you to list all your products, set up the prices, and add the pictures just like an ecommerce shop. It allows your customers to select different products from your shop, many quantities they want. It accepts many payment gateways like mobile money, visa cards and others. They will be able to add their address for you to send their products and more. It is a complete game on WhatsApp and I think every entrepreneur should have. This allows your contacts to select and buy directly on your WhatsApp. The other amazing feature of the bot is that, it also has a direct link to the shop and every product, which allows you to share the link for easy access to the products on your shop. So you can blog and use the link for easy access to your shop. You can share with friends on social Media to get access to your shop.

WhatsApp is up to now a goldmine and if you are not using it now, get to play store and download it now. Install, have all set up and employ our how to make money on WhatsApp strategy. Kindly share and leave a comment in case you have any question. Share now to let your friends know how they can also make money with their WhatsApp now.

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