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Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic

How to make money as a website creator or designer?

In this period where everyone seems to be stucked in his or her room will turn many peoples to the online world for income. Meanwhile, its not easy to start right away without the necessary audience and site traffic as we all know. And if you want to start right away to making good money, there will be the need to have a great training with step by steps that can make you money continuesly. The so far such training according to my research is Commission Hero which you can read more here. One on one coaching in addition to their copy and paste business structure.

Well, this is not the topic for today so lets get back on track. The whole issue is that, many businesses have lost their existence since the outbreak of the Civic19. This is true as we see it each day. Now, is website creators among these peoples?

Business losing their potentials and those gaining potentials in this covid19 period.

Many will say yes but before we come to how you can make money online as a website creator, let’s look at how you can have massive clients knocking on your door.

There are many ways you can be contacted, there is already a payment methods all around. You stay at home and see your business die?

So what can you do?

1. Use social media to your advantage.

Many peoples are in their homes and browsing all day long. They are in there thinking what to do next for their businesses. They are in there thinking of other ways to add extra income to their finances. There are many things you can think off. Some are even afraid to see their stores products expiring if this pandemic isn’t treated fast. What can they do?

As a website creator and especially in partial lockdown countries,can contact some of these business owners and offer them your service of creating them online stores for their shops. A solution is what is needed.

No matter what the person is selling, they can have a deal with courier services to deliver their products. There is the market guys.

What about even companies with services? You can create a service site for them. The customer needs to just fill a form , make payments and baam! Company still working?

All you need to do is to go to yellow pages. Pick up some companies there and check if they have a site. If they don’t have, advantage to call. Chat them up and be professional. You can have meetings with them professionally with Skype or zoom and tell them you can help their business to stand.

Let them know your service and always decide to sweeten the deal. So you can be home and make money as website creator.

Another perfect way is to list your experience and capacity on other sites such as : Fiverr, upwork, freelancer and more.

These are sites where peoples go there to look for professionals on certain professions. You can also bid on certain jobs of peoples. Give your experience to be accepted for the job. You can charge reasonably and do quality job to keep your customers.

In all, extend your tentacles to get more peoples looking for you. You can sign up on all the 3 sites and drive traffic from there.

How to make money online as a website creator?

There are many ways but what I have seen is that, many only concentrate on the money they will make for setting up the website not thinking on what else can bring in some dollars monthly. Below, I am going to add extra ways you can skyrocket your income as a website creator.

1. Sign up as an affiliate with a hosting and domain company for your customers.

This is a strategy of a company I know and the good part is that, because they earn much in affiliate commission, they cut down most times in the cost as a discount. This even lets the customer see a good deal and therefore recommend you to another customers. So who is an affilaite?

Affiliate is someone who recommend a particular product or solution to someone who needs it and get paid in return by the company or merchant selling the products.

In our case, the hosting company is the merchant. You are the affiliate and the hosting service is the products. They need more customers for their hosting. Because you give them customers, they share the money the customer pays with you as a commission.

You earn good money as an affiliate. Bluehost offers as much as $65 per customer. Imagine you send 10 peoples there through creating website for these peoples? that’s damn $650.

Though the merchant will give you a special link which contains a code which shows to them that you are the one who brought the customer and therefore get credited.

2. Add other services:

Look! A website isn’t website when people are not visiting them. It is due to this sad part that makes many bloggers leaves the blogosphere. So if you can add some extra services like sending their website to search engines, drive monthly traffic, advertise for them, Facebook and Google ads for them for a great fees,I don’t think they will refuse. Add spices to your business. Let them see how complete you are with your business. Make extra income aside your website creations. If you are not good in those areas,look for peoples in fiverr to take care of it at a lower fees. Then the difference is yours.

What other ways can you make money? Any great ways that I omitted? Share with us incase you a website creator who makes extra income online. Kindly share with others to let them know you can make enough online.

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