How to Increase Your Youtube views For Monetisation

how to get youtube views and subscribers


Do you want to increase your YouTube views, watch hours, and subscribers for monetization? Then, don’t go anywhere. Below, I will give you one secret and website that is increasing my YouTube views, watch hours, and subscribers each day.

Starting a channel from scratch is very difficult. Rising from that small level to grow till you get to the stage where getting millions of views isn’t a problem is not an  easy task. The secret most gurus in the field won’t tell you is that the higher the views, the more you will appear at the first when people do their searches and then more views for you.

Even whiles someone is watching your video, YouTube keep showing related videos to draw the attention of your viewers. This makes the competition big but with nice videos and nice thumbnails, you can still move up a bit.

Also don’t forget that, if your aim is to monetize your videos, you still have those big watch hours to do. So how are others doing this without issue and no problem with their ads on videos?

Increase Youtube views – Tools they Use

They use websites that help them in analyzing keywords that go better with their videos and also give them tips. These tools help them to manage their YouTube videos. Some of these tools are:

  • VIDIQ:

This tool is installed as an extension and the work it does is powerful. It gives you a wide range of tags, keywords to rank for, and more which includes a simple way to build thumbnails. The features are extraordinary to rank your videos for views. You can download the extension and try it.

the second tool I use is the

This tool is special for getting subscribers, to increase youtube views and more for doing some tasks on the website. You can also purchase some points too which you can use to position your youtube video links for views and account for subscribers. You can decide to make free points and use them for youtube views. I had a video that I was finding it difficult to rank them. I bought some points and got good views and had it now working fine with views each day. The good part is that you can still watch other videos, subs to others to earn points that you can use to rank your other videos. It is free to join and you can decide to purchase or make enough points to start instantly promoting your videos. They have good audience retention and they make sure the views are made through their auto confirmations. You can check more from their website here.

What else is stopping you from taking your channel to the next level? is it the views? subscribers?  it shouldn’t be a problem anymore if you can take the decision to join ytmonster and start getting views for free with free points you earn.

Visit Ymonster Now!

try it up and let us hear your success story.


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