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How to Upgrade Your Account.

Upgrading in Longrich is moving from one entry level to another. This is done by actually purchasing of products. In other sense, its purchases you made yourself with your code. Anytime you purchase a product as UP which needs to be ticked at the top of the form during the purchase, it tells the stockist that you want to use the product purchase to upgrade your account. The total pvs you got in the purchase will be added to your already existing pvs to move you to the next entry level.

Ex: You joined the business with Q silver which is 60PV.

You then wanted to upgrade your account and then decided to move to silver within the week. So you went to the stockist to purchase 2 alkaline cups. The 2 cups will give you 90 PVS. The 90 pvs will be added to your already existing 60 pvs to be 150pvs which qualifies you to be a silver member since the pvs required to be silver is 120PVs.

As much as you add in pvs through your purchases as upgrade order, the more you move up in the entry levels.

Note that, your personal purchases moves you up in the entry levels from the Q silver to the VIP entry position.

Immediately you reach the VIP entry level, you are at the final entry position and wont need to upgrade anymore but keep doing your retail orders to earn even more money.

The starter packs and the other little packages were done to help those who cant afford the main entry levels such as students to start the business.

If your goal is to grow big, grow your entry level pvs as well. Every increase in percentage is money.

Ways to Upgrade Your Account.


Your upgrading can be done in bits which is maybe one products bought at at a time for friends, yourself to be used at home or customers or prospects you told of your products.


At once which is deciding to purchase a lot of products at once to the entry level you want.

Lets say you are a Q silver member with 60 pvs and you want to get to 120PV.
You can do an upgrade purchase of 60 pvs at once to get to 120pvs.

Note that every Longrich product comes with its corresponding PVs (Point Values).

So how can you increase your Upgrades and PVs?


Use the products yourself. There are certain things you use at home yourself and Longrich do have. Something like the body cream, soaps, roll on, shampoo, bathing gels and more are things you use in your home. You can purchase them with your code to upgrade you.


Don’t hide your business from friends, loved ones, colleagues and neighbours. Let them know. Tell them about it. Let them know that, anytime they need any Longrich product,you are the one to come to. You can organise product presentation for them. It can be home presentations where you explain the dangers around and the benefits the products offers. Example is the pad, toothpaste, alkaline cup and more. Decide to have their contacts and broadcast to them the products and their bennefits and am sure many will hand over their orders for products which can increase your personal sales. Be bold and remove the shyness. Tell them and you will see the results.


Posting those funny stuffs all days throughout the month without your business products is a big No no!

Some friends may have heard you talk to them about your products but forgotten you after some minutes. Not only your broadcast will remind but constant views to the products image can let them do an order. It takes about 21 contact with a product for a customer to buy.

So use your status to promote your business and products. Every day, many products are ordered through statuses be it WhatsApp or Facebook. Use yours to your advantage.

  1. Create groups and join groups

Promote your products in any of those groups making sure they are related to sales. Be it Facebook or WhatsApp groups and the best method is to offer discount.

Use the product promo to sell your products

There was a promo that when you buy 3 soaps, you get 1 free. It was a weekly promo.
And all I did was to post on my Facebook sales groups that Buy 3 get 1 free
I talked of the products and added the benefits.

In few minutes, orders started coming! Use the weekly promo to your advantage but dont exaggerate with what you cant offer. If the weekly promo isn’t advantageous to your customers, dont promote.

Find a way to let them think they are having the products for cheap prices.

What other ways do you sell or upgrade your accounts? Let us know to help others move up in their business.

Nice weekend to all.

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