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How To Register On Billionaires Network.

Follow the steps below to become a full approved and qualified member.


If you are from Ghana, you can easily buy an EPIN which is a code which register you automatically from Priado Wealth at a cost of 30 Cedis.

Having your EPIN is the first step in the registration process. You buy first before starting the registration.

To buy an EPIN, You just need to call any of the EPIN Merchant Below:

  1. Benjamin —— 0543136513
  2. Kenneth ——- 0245747135
  3. Prince ——— 0246181102
  4. Robert ——— 0576095191

*Payment of Epin is through Mobile Money.

Within some few minutes, you will receive your code.

  • Now that you have the code, Click here to Register.
  • or copy my link below to your browser and access it :

Then on the website which shows up, click on register.

First check if the sponsor information is heward. If not, write heward there. – starting with small letter.


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If the name there is heward, you can continue to fill the forms which includes your:
1.Username (It can be your nickname but should be only one word)
2. Password ( Your password to access your dashboard)
3. Confirm Password (repeat the password)
4. Enter Transaction Password ( A password for your money withdrawals)
5. Confirm Transaction Password.
Then Your personal information:
  1. Your first name
  2. Last name
  3. Phone number
  4. Valid email address
  5. Select your country
  6. City ( Enter Your Town name)
  7. State ( Enter your region ex. Central region..etc)
  8. Postal code ( 00233)
Then comes the Payment information:

Note: You can skip this option if you want. or fill them all up with letters like: hhhhhh

Note that, you can edit your bank details anytime in the settings of your account. But if you have the details available, fill them up with correct information.

  1. Account Number
  2. Branch name
  3. Account name
  4. Bank name

Click on the small round circle side the i read terms and conditions to accept
and click on continue.

On the next page, click on EPIN and enter your epin code you bought from the Priado Epin Merchants.
Then click on SUBMIT.

Your account will be successfully registered. You will be logged in to your dashboard.



If it happens that you are in another country but want to profit from this business, then you are welcome.


  • Then ( Click here) to be sent to the business page, click on REGISTER.
  • On the next page, fill the forms and click on continue.
  • On that page, Choose any of the following as your mode of payment.
  • Perfect Money. ——->If you don’t have an account, create an account HERE.
  • Solidtrustpay ——> If you don’t have an account, create an account HERE.
  • Follow the instructions to complete registration.



1. MTN Mobile Money

2. Airtel Money

3. TigoCash

4. VodaCash

5. Bank Account

For Foreign Partners

1. Perfect Money

2. Paypal

This is an extraordinary business you can start today and refer your friends to make money. You simply need to market your link as best as you can. Nowadays, social medias offer you the possibility of promoting your link and make money. You can share the business powerpoint and pdf to get enough downlines. The only action left is to buy your EPIN and click on the link below to register.

======> REGISTER ON Billionaires Network NOW <======

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