Advice from a great networker.

A network marketer got an award recently in USA and he was told to give a 10 minutes advice to the upcoming networkers.

And he said “I recruited 3000 members online for my network marketing program, 2500 out of them walked away, 300 complained of where will they get dowmlines.

150 of them paid the registration fee but never did anything, 39 out of the remaining 50 got distracted and moved on with their usual lifestyle.

The remaining 11 made the success happened! Today, they saw it and they kept on doing what i do daily“.

I became the network marketer that earns $6m(#21.2millions) per year in networking company”.

Its not the volume of people you bring into your business but the right people that has the same zeal as yours and are ready to succeed with you are what matter.

You can succeed if you believe strong enough!

Which of the numbers do you belong to?

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