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How to Activate Longrich Alkaline Cup – Directions to use:

Longrich Alkaline Cup

Have you bought a Longrich Alkaline cup and needs to activate it? That’s good news. Now take the following steps now:

1) It is normal if you can hear the sound when an empty mug is being shaken as it is designed to acquire a better efficacy by enlarging the specific contact area between the crystals and water.

2) Before using the water container for the first time, rinse and shake the cup repeatedly for up to 60 times with warm water of about 60°C to activate the filter and until the water is clear making sure the cup is covered with the upper filter.

3) When done with the above step, pour in a normal water and shake for some seconds. Test it with a water tester to check. Blue to violet colour is alkaline.

PH tester

4) It is normal that the water will become slightly murky after prolong use after a period of 4-6 months. If such a condition should occur, it is suggested to reactivate the mug with white vinegar and water by soaking it for at least half an hour and then dry it under bright sunlight to reactivate the energy molecules in the filtering crystals.

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